This morning started with some leaflet delivery. I actually love to get out and deliver leaflets. I think there is something comfortable about putting the Ipod on and the rhythm of door after door, plus I am told the walk and the fresh air are good for me. Here in Harlow we put out a lot of leaflets, all year round to keep people informed about what we are doing both locally and nationally.

Then Shopping with Mrs J and the daughter, something that I don’t often manage to get out of! It has to be done!

Change clothes and off to Mark Hall School, for the Try Sport and Olympic Conference. I can’t stay all day, but as Leader of the Council I have been asked to go along and support, and help publicise the event with a press photo call. Why do photographers insist at events like these, that are cross party, in standing me next to the Labour MP and asking me to smile?!?!

One thing that did make me smile was the Chinese Lion Dance. Very good. It makes me remember the Beijing Olympics. I wonder what sort of dance we will use to hand over the Olympics post 2012?

Back to Church Langley, to meet up with some of the other Councillors at Tesco, where we hold our monthly surgery. We are joined by Robert Halfon our parliamentary candidate. Its always good to speak to the people you are responsible to. A number of issues are raised with us, including litter, traffic and the details of a new zebra crossing.

Then its time to grab a quick drink and head out to knock on some doors for a few hours. We are knocking on doors all over the town, but this afternoon I have a chance to knock in my own ward. The other political parties in Harlow tend to knock on peoples doors only when there is an election on, but we try to do it all year round.

Finally I get to go home and spend some time with my daughter, catch up with some emails and spend a few minutes on the blog.

Tired already and the day is not over yet!

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