My attention was drawn to this

Now I like a joke as much as the next man.

And I may have told the odd Essex Girl joke in my time… I am allowed as I was born in Essex

And I don’t even have a problem with MP’s having a sense of humour – and I know they do – have you seen some of Bill Rammell’s suits?

What I do object to is the use of time in parliament to make such snide remarks about what I frankly think is a cracking county!

In the middle of a debate about what legacy the Olympics will leave behind it, following a question from Chelmsford’s MP about serious issues, this Muppet thinks its OK to joke about white high heels and medallions.

Does he really care so little for Parliament and the honour he has in representing his constituency?

If that’s the way he sees parliament then he should leave… then again he has already announced his intention to do so (on 12th May 2008), so it looks like he is “just having a laugh” until the election then.

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