It’s Friday night.

My wife and I have a babysitter!

So are we out on the town like most other 30 something couples in the same situation?

Er…. Not exactly.

My wife (the other Cllr Johnson) is also one of the key members of the Harlow Conservatives Ladies Committee, an organisation that exists to arrange fund raising events for the local party, and gives us all a chance to unwind.

Just not in the way that most “Normal” people do.

So this Friday evening finds us attending what we call “Supper Club”

About 30 of us are at a local hotel, having a nice meal, and listening to David Gauke MP, who for those who don’t know is a member of the Shadow Treasury team and MP for SW Herts (our neighbouring county).

David is an interesting guy and speaks very well – about the mess that the government has helped get our economy into and about why it is so important for us to send Robert Halfon to Westminster at the next election, as part of a fresh Conservative government.

I also get called upon to do the honours as Auctioneer for a couple of nice watches, to help raise some more cash for leaflet printing (we do print and deliver a LOT!)

All in all a very good evening, and I did get the chance to unwind and have a glass (or two) of wine.

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