Today was a day spent out meeting people in the streets and on the doorstep. Something we keep doing in Harlow Conservatives. One of our Action Days!

Far too often in towns up and down the country, politicians only knock on peoples doors “when they want something” ie its election time and they want votes.

In Harlow, the Conservatives spend time all year round knocking on doors and delivering leaflets to people to keep them informed of whats going on. We also hold street stalls and this has been a great way for so many people of the town to meet our Parliamentary Candidate Robert Halfon; He has met and helped hundreds of people in this way.

There were about 20 people out on the streets, either delivering leafltets, knocking on doors or at the stall, as there are every time we have one of these days.

It was really good fun, you get a great sense of camaraderie, and get to meet lots of members of the public. In general they were all really worried about the national economic situation and many people told us what a bad job Gordon Brown was doing running the country.

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